Tragedy vs. Comedy

Tonight we had our fourth support group meeting and this time we met at one of our members homes instead of our usual meeting place at the hospital.  Rex and Robin hosted a bar-b-que for us all and we had a great time.  We had several new people in our group tonight which was really encouraging.  Robin had invited her pastor to say a few words, and Pastor Tim gave an amazing speech.  The topic…Tragedy vs. Comedy.  In this, Pastor Tim talked about how our lives are filled with tragedy and comedy every day.  The comedy, not meant to imply that everything is funny, moreseo to emphasize the importance of what we do with that tragedy that effects our future.  All of us have problems in life and its what we do with those that help us along the way.  Pastor Tim was with Robin throughout her hospital days – he was with the family when the doctors said she wasn’t going to make it, and he is still with them today, as Robin stands tall, healthy and alive.  That is comedy! 

I just love this group, I love the joy each of them bring to my life and I love their zest for life!  This group has become a unit, a family and my strength.  Together we all help heal one another, even when we don’t even realize it.  Life can be short, we all know that, so lets not take one second for granted.  Lets enjoy the acts that God puts in our lives and treasure every one of them.  Some tragic and some comedic…but all of them…Forever Changing! 

Love to my group, to all the survivors out there, and to those that have lost a loved one….Grab the zest of life and make it yours!


1 Response to “Tragedy vs. Comedy”

  1. 1 Chris Coppens
    September 16, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    Yes, it was an inspiring meeting. Thank you to Pastor Tim for being there. He was great. Thanks to all of the new faces of friends and family also. Thank you to Natalie for starting this group. What would we do without it. And a special thank you to Robin and Rex for their generosity and caring and opening their beautiful home to us all. Thd food was fabulous. How blessed are we?

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